Hitchens e 68


Certo, o cara tem seus problemas, mas como é que eu não vou ler um cara que escreve coisas como essas, sobre a militância estudantil em 68:

“We thought that our own struggle to change the campus rules was a part of the revolutionary agenda. And—unlike the pseudo-radical students of today—we wanted to be allowed to be grown-up rather than to claim another extended tranche of parental protection. Ask the dean’s office for protection against hurt feelings? No: we demanded the right to hurt the feelings and ruffle the susceptibilities of others. A tiny memory comes back to me. In proposing that my Oxford college no longer ban female guests from staying overnight, I came up with the slogan, “Equal Rights for Heterosexuals.”

E eu ainda acho bonito um negócio desses:

“Laugh all you like. You didn’t see the workers in that French plant in 1968, rearranging the big letters of the factory owner’s name (Berliet) so that the sign over the gate now read liberte. And perhaps you don’t recall the strikes in Poland and the accompanying protest from Warsaw intellectuals like Jacek Kuroń (still a bit of a Trotskyite in those days) that gave us the first premonitory shiver of Solidarnosc. I can remember them, all right, because they seemed dialectically congruent with the analysis of my own Marxist faction: that this was another 1848, or maybe 1905, or even conceivably a 1917. (The problem with the 1917 analogy was that most of us preferred Rosa Luxemburg and Leon Trotsky to Lenin.)”


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